St. Louis County Board of Elections

Voting Equipment

Election Equipment

St. Louis County’s voting equipment is simple, accurate, and secure. 

  • Know how to properly use your voting equipment by thoroughly reading instructions at your Polling Place. If assistance is required, please ask an Election Judge to help you.
  • If you accidentally over-vote or under-vote your ballot (make too many or too few selections), you can request  a new ballot to complete.

The Help America Vote Act, which was designed to create improvements in administering elections in the United States and has presented a significant opportunity to better engage the community into the political process. For people with disabilities, casting a ballot independently and privately is now easier than ever.


Upon arrival at the Polling Place, Election Judges will use provided identification to quickly and efficiently determine a voter’s eligibility to cast a ballot using Poll Pads. The voter will verify that all of their personal information is correct by signing their name. At that point, the Poll Pad will print a voter ticket signifying they are eligible to cast a ballot.

Important Note: The Voter CHECK-IN system is connected via cellular data, NOT the VOTING systems. The check-in system reports how many voters have checked-in to vote on Election Day, NOT how the voter voted. 

Verity System

The Verity System includes the following equipment.

  1. Verity Print
  2. Verity Access Writer
  3. Verity Scan

For full voting process Click here!

Verity Print

The Verity Print is a ballot-on-demand system that allows for a paper ballot to be printed for each individual voter based on their physical address. Election Judges use a hand scanning device to populate the voter’s ballot by scanning the voter ticket issued at check-in. The Election Judges then initial the ballot in a bipartisan team, before giving it to the voter to complete.

Verity Access Writer

For voters with disabilities, we also offer the Verity Access Writer. The Access Writer is an ADA accessible voting booth that allows  for a voter to connect their own Sip and Puff device, use tactile switches, or attach headphones and listen to the ballot being read to them. Selections are made using a control panel, before printer a paper ballot. The ballot will print with the voter’s selections marked. The ballot must then be inserted through the Verity Scan to be counted.

Verity Scan

The Verity Scan is a tabulating device that reads voted paper ballots and deposits them into the ballot box below. The Verity Scan offers many security features, including rejection of Provisional Ballot and rejection of any ballot that has already been previously cast.